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David B. Nielsen

David B. Nielsen

Veterinary Dentist

I was 6 years old when I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and I never waivered in that desire. My best friend’s dad in first grade was a veterinarian and also my 6’7” uncle (I never quite measured up). Knowing my professional goal made school easier and fun. My family always had a doggie and a farm with horses, cows and many other critters. Needless to say, I truly love animals and people.

I am a veterinary dentist and have been focusing on dentistry since 1983. My earlier surgery interest has served me well in dentistry. The first gentleman I met when I moved to Southern California, Fred Stuart, was a dentist…little did I know he would later work for me. We still share dental ideas.

I was at least bright enough to know when I graduated from veterinary school that I knew virtually nothing. I jumped head first in to continuing education, as at that time we had the best in the world in LA. I later became the Chairman of Continuing Education for all of Southern California. I was able to choose 5 of the world’s best speakers every year to lecture for us. They were kind enough to become friends and mentors. I enjoyed it so much I did it for 14 years.

I was an early pioneer in veterinary dentistry and also was an adjunct professor at the USC Dental School for a couple of years. Developing new techniques, treatments and great patient outcomes is my passion and now I am helping out on the human dental side as well. I went from being painfully shy to doing lectures all across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Currently I am sharing ideas and techniques with Dr. Ali Nasseh of Real World Endo and Harvard University. Yup, a South Dakota farm boy mixing it up with the big boys. Common sense and logic goes a long way in any area. Ali and I are out of the box developers.

I must give credit to Jose Dominguez (I call him my twin), as he has been my right hand in dentistry and has worked with me for 35 years. He enjoys being on TV when we are filmed doing our work.

I have been doing a little commute to Manhattan Beach for the past 15 years from my beloved ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota about 14 miles south of Deadwood. More critters here at the ranch, as I have cows, horses, trout, elk, deer, mountain lions…and my two Munsterlander hunting dogs.

I love my work and my staff. As long as I continue to improve in pet dentistry, I will enjoy practice. As I tell my clients, ”when I quit improving, I will quit!”